The school started  education and training  under the name of Amasya Health Services Vocational College with the associate degree program /pre-graduate program in the academic year of 1994-1995. Amasya Health of School name was changed to with the decision No. 96/8655 of the Council of Ministers dated 2 November 1996 published in the Official Journal and began to give a 4-year degree training nursing. Midwifery department were opened in 2009-2010 academic year, Nutrition and Dietetics, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation sections were opened in 2011-2012. Departments of Nursing and midwifery Health School education continues as first teaching. Education and training continues in the departments of nursing and midwifery and gives 4-year Undergraduate/liscence programs.

Qualification Aawarded
   The students who have successfully completed all of the program are given Bachelor`s Degree in MİDWIFERY.
Level Of Qualification
 Undergraduate / license
Mode Of Study
Admission & Registration Requirements
 1-High school or equivalent degree  

2-Obtaining the required grade from National University Entrance and Placement Exam (YGS)

3-Not being disabled ON Health status, military service and so on. directions

Recognation Of Prior Learning
 Other educational institutions course content to be compatible with the contents of the course content, course and section head of the department if it deems appropriate, the student is exempt from the related courses.
Qualifications Requirements And Regulations
Profile Of The Programme

Midwifery program provide training for the necessary care and counseling during pregnancy, at birth and after childbirth /delivery, having normal births,  newborn care and provide training for family planning counseling. Determines health needs and the risk factors of the Healthy or sick individual-family-community, investigates the reasons for them,
make the task of appropriate midwifery interventions (health care, education, consulting, etc.), evaluates the results of the initiatives.

Examinations, Assesment And Grading Regulations
    Students are subjected to mid-term examand a final exam for each course. The success grade contribution of mid-term exam 40%and final exam 60%. However, practical courses application noteis added the mid term exam grade and divided into two, is taken  of 40% this note. Afterward spractical noteis added the final exam grade and divided into two and is taken of 60% this note.This final grade is obtained by summing two of the note. The student`s final exam grade has to be at least fifty (50), while the pass mark of at least sixty (60). The students who final exam grade under 50 are the direct fails". All exams are graded out of 100. Students who fail the final exam are subject to make-up exam.
Graduation Requirements

 The students who have successfully completed all courses and internships on Program  (240 ECTS credits) and students who have a GPA of at least 2.0 on a 4.00 scale have Bachelor in Midwifery degree. In addition to graduate students in the Department of Obstetrics also required to fulfill the following conditions:

a) to make at least 100 pre-natal examinations,

b) follow-up of at least 40 pregnant women

c) 40 normal (spontaneous) delivery to take out (this number can not be reached due to the lack of the number of women who will give birth to help students with the condition of birth, this number decreased to 30 of 20)

d) helping one or two "breech birth",

d) to make at least 100 normal post-natal maternal and neonatal follow-up (including inspection),

e) At least 40 high risk pregnant women, or maternity / postpartum follow-up to do,

f) to make follow-up one or two premature require special care, postmature or newborn who has health problem

g) required one or two episiotomy application and to begin the repair of episiotomy. Episiotomy and suturing experience, stitching /sewing practice, suturing/stitching the wound following an episiotomy and suturing the simple perineal laceration,

h) should cover monitoring and maintenance newborn (neonatal period or babies) and mothers  in the the fields of gynecology and obstetrics.

Occupational Profiles Of Graduates
Students who graduate from this program work in public and private hospitals, Schools and Health Sciences Faculties of Health, Family Health Centers and Community Health Centers
Access To Further Studies
Upon successful completion of bachelor`s degree candidates can study graduate (masters and doctoral) programs in the condition of  taking current note in UDS  and ALES tests.
Contact Information
Adresi: Amasya University School of Health Sciences  05100 İPEKKÖY CAMPUS / AMASYA
Telefonu: (358) 218 17 67 - (358) 218 78 00
Faks: (358) 218 47 60
Departmental Facilities   

Department of Midwifery carries out education and training services in Amasya University İpekköy Campus, of sub-structures and laboratory facilities are:
Computer and projection equipment are available in all classes. There is aa computer room (complimentary wireless internet access),  cafeteria and a dining hall shared with other departments. with adequate facilities include a skills lab midwifery students can follow a particular application and simulations. There are two full-size adult model of birth for the simulation of birth in skills lab. At the same time the basic medical interventions can be made on these models. (intravenous injection, intramuscular injections, making the tube practice into the cavities of body etc.). There are different materials in laboratory included two patients with gynecological  bed and a normal patient bed, CPR model to perform the cardio-respiratory resusitation, sufficient number of episiotomy simulators, pelvic examination and intrauterine device insertion model, vaginal examination models, newborn care and the application model (baby models), fetoscops, NST (non-stress test) device, intrauterine fertilization and showing by months of fetal development models, models of the uterus and cervix that can be used in the diagnosis of gynecological infections or lesions, indicating placental structure and placental circulation models, blood pressure cuffs, heat meter/degrees, weighing, aspirator, syringes and catheters, etc. besides models for the application of skills, projection device and the computer is located in Midwifery lab. İf necessary nursing skills lab and anatomy laboratories have the possibility of mutual benefit.