Department of Industry Product Design was first took place within the Faculty of Architecture established with the foundation of Amasya University in 2006. It started staffing first in 2009 and accept bachelor students in the education period of 2012-2013.  
Qualification Aawarded
Bachelor degree as a "Industrial Designer" is given to graduate students   
Level Of Qualification
Our department will give education at Bachelor degree. 
Mode Of Study
Our department will be continuing as full time.    
Admission & Registration Requirements
Students gain education right in the department after they succeed in LYS exams by the OSYM institution. Also, our department accept foreign students according to related Regulation about the caceptance of foreign students to departments of Amasya University. Also, students can perform an undergraduate transfer from otrher equivalent programs. 
Recognation Of Prior Learning
In Architectural faculty, with reference to the related Regulation; 30 % of the courses are given in English. For this reason, students have to pass the proficiency exam before they start their bachelor education. Otherwise, students have to take course and succeed in proficiency class for one year according to provisions of related Regulation.  The students who passes the proficiency exam or class will be exempted from YD coded English course in first class. There are  Vocational English courses in first three years (6 periods) in order to reinforce the knowledge and practice of English. Furthermore students transferred from other universities can be exempted from the courses that the Head of the Dapartment accepted.  
Qualifications Requirements And Regulations
In order to graduate, our students have to succeed in courses of 240 ECTS. Also there are three Internship lasting 22 work days which take place in the ECTS system. 
Profile Of The Programme
Our department is structured within the Faculty of Architecture and has research assistants. Research assistants are continuing their doctorates in several universities within the context of Regulation numbered 35.The main aim of the programme is to train students in the basic fields of urbanism by giving information, developing their skills, teaching way of thought to use their creativity, bring experince to them and edificating good citizens who have professional ethics and conserving public welfare through the legal system.
Examinations, Assesment And Grading Regulations
Graduation Requirements
In order to graduate, our students have to succeed in courses of 240 ECTs and pass over two internships within the education period.   
Occupational Profiles Of Graduates

The graduates from the Department of the Industrial Design are named as an ‘’Industrial Designer’’.Our graduates works to produce and development  to new product every branch in domestic and abroad industry;like  electricpowered household gadget,medical devices,ceramic products,kitchen gadgets,home and office furniture,public furniture,enlightement and transportation as a different sectors and they build up a business or freelance.

Access To Further Studies
Our graduates can continue their academic learning in post graduate or doctorate after they take ALES exam and English proficiency.  
Contact Information
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