Amasya University Education Faculty Social Studies Department started the education in the 1993-1994 academic year  
Qualification Aawarded
The students het their B.A diploma when they complete all subjects (240ETCS) and get 2.00 average out of 4.00   
Level Of Qualification
Bachelor Degree 
Mode Of Study
Full Time
Admission & Registration Requirements

1- Students must have a high school diploma

2-Students must receive the requested scores from the university entrance exam. 

Recognation Of Prior Learning
Prior learning process in Turkish higher education system is at the priliminary level. Related to the process, prior learning in social studies department of Amasya University has not been started yet. However, at the begining of each term, exemption tests are given to the students for English and other compulsory subjects. Each student has a right to take this exam. The students who pass the exam are exempted from the subject and their grades are included on their transcripts.
Qualifications Requirements And Regulations
Each student has to receive at least 2.00 out of 4.00 which means that they receive 240 ETCS. 
Profile Of The Programme
The main purpose of the department is to educate students who can think critically use the new technology and feel responsibility.  
Examinations, Assesment And Grading Regulations
Each student takes a mid-term ezam and a final exam in each term. The total grade includes %40 of mid-term exam result and %60 of final exam. Each exam is evaluated out of 100. If their grades are over 60 they pass the course successfully.   
Graduation Requirements
Student get a diploma if they succeed at least 2.00 out of 4.00 with 240 ECTS. 
Occupational Profiles Of Graduates
The graduates can work at state or private elementary schools in Turkey.
Access To Further Studies
 The graduates can attend M.A programs of university if they get the necessary scores from ALES and YDS.
Contact Information
Adress: Amasya University, Education Faculty, Social Science and Turkish Education Department, Social Studies Education ABD, AMASYA
Tel:+90 358 2526230
Faks: +90 358 2526222
Departmental Facilities