Scienceeducationdepartmentwasestablished in 2008 the Amasya University. GuidenceandCounselingDepartment is stil workingunderthe name of thissection.
Qualification Aawarded
   Studentswhosatisfactorilycompletedallthecourses in the program (total 240 ECTS) andget2.0out of 4.0 areawardedthedegree of bachelor of science in PSYCHOLOGICAL GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING.
Level Of Qualification
 First CycleDegree
Mode Of Study
  First CycleDegree
Admission & Registration Requirements

1) High school diploma,

2) ObtainingtherequiredgradefromNationalUniversityEntranceandPlacementExam (ÖSS),

Recognation Of Prior Learning

UniversityandhenceTheDepartment of PsychologicalCounselingandCounselour  isnoexceptiontothis. However, exams of exemptionareorganised at thestart of eachterm at theuniversityforcoursescompulsory in thecurriculm, such as ForeignLanguages. Thestudentswhohavecompletedthelearningprocessforthiscourse on his/her ownorthroughothermeans, andbelievethattheyhaveachievedthelearningotcomesspecifiedaregiventherighttotaketheexemptionexam. Thestudentswhoachieve a passinggradefromthisexam is heldexemptfromtherelatedcourse in thecurriculum, andthisgrade is enteredintotranscript of thestudent.

2-) Togetadequatepoint of University of EnteranceExam. (YGS and LYS)


Qualifications Requirements And Regulations
 To be abletosecurethebachelor’sdegree in thefield of Special Education, thestudentsarerequiredto a)havepassedallcourses in thecurriculumwith a grade of at least DC fromthe, b) haveachieved a cumulativegrosspointaverage of at least 2.00 out of 4.00
Profile Of The Programme
  Theprimaryaim of TeacherEducation Program forPsychologicalCounsellingandCounselourDepartment is totrainpsychologicalcounselerwhohaveProfessional  attitudesrelatedtotheirsubjectarea. Theprogramme is alsoaimedtoeducatepsychologicalcounselerwhoarecapable of followingouchanges in theirsubjectarea anda re eagertodevelopthemselvesculturally. This program prospectstotrainteacherswho can communicateeasilywithspecialneedschildrenbyidentifyingtheirbehavioralandpsychologicalproblems, whopursuesethicalrules, andwho can usetechnology. Thus in this program, it is valuedthattheteachersshould be developingcompetence in respectfulandsensitivetoindividualdifferenceswitheffectivecommunicationskills.
Examinations, Assesment And Grading Regulations
    Theexamination, assessmentandgradingregulationshavebeen set upfortheuniversitybytheUniversitySenateandtheDepartment of PschologicalCounselingandCounselour is bounbythisregulations. Eachcourse is assessedvia a midtermexam, (a secondmid-termexamcomposed of quizzes, homeworksandassignments, and a final end-of-termexam, withcontributionsof  %40, (groupworkassessment %10 or %20) and %60 respectively.) Themarking is madeout of 100. Grades of 81-100 is assignedalettergrade of AA, 76-80 BA, 70-75 BB, 60-69 CB, 50-59 CC, 45-49 DC, 40-44 DD, 30-39 FD and 0-29 FF. The AA is thehighestgradeand has a gradecredit of 4.00, Ba3.5, BB 3.00, CB 2.5, CC 2.00, DC 1.5, DD 1.00 and FF 0.0. Grades of AA to CC arepass, DD to FF fail, andDc is conditionalpassandrequires a CGPA of at least 2.00 forthatterm. At thesame time studentshavetocontinue 70% eachlessons.
Graduation Requirements
 ThegradutionrequirementsfortheDepartment of PsychogicalCounselingandCounselour is the sama as thequalificationrequirementsandregulations. There is noadditionalrequirementtosecuretheBachelor’sDegreeprovidedthatthestudentshavepassedallthecourses in thecurriculumwith at least a DC grade, have a cumulativegrosspointaverage of at least 2.00 out of 4.00. afterfulfillingallcourseworkrequirements (Total 240 ECTS)with minimum 2.00 GPA (Grade Point Average) outof 4.00, studentsearnBachelor’sdegree as Teachers of HearinmgImpairedChildren.
Occupational Profiles Of Graduates
   Thegraduatestudentshavetheoppportunityto be employed as a counselorandpedagogue in thepublicschools, guidetheresearchcenter, ministry of justice, yardandthemilitarydepending on the KPSS, which is conducted in everyyear, results. At thesame time theyfind a job as a counselorwiththeirownfacilities on privatesector.
Access To Further Studies
 Candidates ,whocompletelicenceeducationsuccessfully, can be a masterandphd. studentsiftheygiveenoughpoints in ALES (AcademicStaffandPostgraduateEducationExam) and KPDS-ÜDS (Language  Exams) exams.
Contact Information
Adresi:Amasya Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi 05100 AMASYA/MERKEZ
Telefonu:(358) 2526230
Faks:(358) 252 62 22
Web Adresi:www.
Departmental Facilities

Thedepartment is located in Faculty of Educationand it has adequatephysicalenvironmentwithitstechnologicalclassroomsandarealaboratories. Thestudents in thedepartment can useallcampusfacilitiessuch as dormitories, cafeterias, socialandsportscenters. Thedepartmentgraduates can be employedrightaftertheirgraduation.