The Department, with the aim to meet the needs of the various institutions, statistician, was established in 2013. At the moment there is not a student.
Qualification Aawarded
Will be awarded to students who successfully complete our Statistician degree.
Level Of Qualification
The Department will give the license level training.
Mode Of Study
The Department will continue to train full time.
Admission & Registration Requirements
Students who want to register for our transition to higher education examination (SDK) and graduate placement Exams (LYS) points and according to their preferences, selection and placement Center (ÖSYM) are placed. In addition, the Department "Amasya University, application and Admission of Foreign Students Directive" within the scope of the foreign students. In addition, he started a program for domestic or overseas equivalent education, students can apply for a transfer.
Recognation Of Prior Learning
Department of statistics to the study of Foreign Language Education in the curriculum of the period at the beginning of the exemption exam. This exam, successful students, they are exempt from the foreign language lessons. In addition, given the contents of the other institutions received lessons in our course content needs to be compatible with and in the appropriate section of the student may be exempted from the relevant courses.
Qualifications Requirements And Regulations
By obtaining a Bachelor`s degree students at our Department, statistics, Statistician Department of statistics to win the title a total of 240 ECTS CREDITS of the training program all the courses you need to complete with success.
Profile Of The Programme
The Department has been established within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, 3 assistant professors and consists of 3 research worker. A member of various universities, graduate research ASSISTANTS HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED three continue their education. In addition, on behalf of the Department, the Ministry of national education with Overseas Graduate Scholarship, a student studying within the framework of law No. 1414. Our goal, as a conscious, ethical values, analytical thinking, can produce a solution to the problems, to train science and technology contribute to individuals at the international level.
Examinations, Assesment And Grading Regulations
All courses, students at least one midterm and end-of-period are subject to the final exam. Search for exam/exams 40%, final exam success success contribution contribution is 60%. These exams are over and the final exam 100 points at least get 50 points. As a result of these examinations, grade 60 and over are considered related courses the students have succeeded.
Graduation Requirements
Department of statistics, a total of 240 ECTS CREDITS of the training program students successfully completing all the courses with the title "Statistician" entitled to graduate.
Occupational Profiles Of Graduates
Graduates students, Education Faculties "pedagogical formation education" and taking the necessary points from the Ministry of national education, KPSS, depending on the schools they can be assigned as a math teacher or classroom and private schools can work as a math teacher. In addition, various public institutions, private organizations, and banks can work as a researcher. Successful graduates the opportunity to work as a lecturer in the universities, research, or they can find.
Access To Further Studies
Students who successfully complete the exam, ALES Bölümüzü the current note and an adequate level of knowledge of a foreign language, they can continue their education as long as the master`s and doctoral programs.
Contact Information
Address: Amasya Üniversitesi, Fen-Edebiyat Fakültesi, İstatistik Bölümü, İpekköy/Amasya - TURKEY
Web Address:
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