Objectives of the Programme
 The purpose of the Occupational Health and Safety Program is educating individuals that have the ability to take the responsibility to make all kind of activities and activies on the Occupational Health and Occupational Safety area according to determined quality criterias, to be aware of the own country and the world by improving themselves socially, to establish constructive and proper communication by using effective communication skills, to gain tlhe learning perfection by truly grasping the vision of lifelong learning.
Learning Outcomes of the Programme
ÖÇ-1: To be able to define and evaluate the risks of work safety that may occur in the work environment by analyzing the production processes.
ÖÇ-2: To develop the ability to work with team spirit.
ÖÇ-3: Has the ability to use information and communication technologies effectively in the solution of problems.
ÖÇ-4: To gain legal and professional reasoning ability about occupational health and safety.
ÖÇ-5: To know job security materials, warnings and danger signs and plates, to have information about their properties and to have appropriate use ability for their purpose.
ÖÇ-6: To be able to plan and implement work safety trainings.
ÖÇ-7: Gaining the ability to communicate with society.
ÖÇ-8: To have sufficient knowledge about measurement techniques and methods for occupational health and safety.
ÖÇ-9: Having information about the basic measures to be taken in order to protect the health of workers and prevent occupational diseases that can occur.
ÖÇ-10: Being able to work, have confidence to take responsibility, gain authority and fulfill the necessity.
ÖÇ-11 To be able to regulate the periodical controls on occupational health and safety, to carry out the registration and reporting activities.
ÖÇ-12: Occupational safety and occupational health, environmental protection knowledge and quality conscious.
ÖÇ-13 Acquires basic knowledge and practical knowledge about the field in Mathematics, Science and Basic Engineering subjects.