Amasya Technical Sciences Vocational School started its education and teaching process in Vocational Trade High School building binding to Ministry of Education in 1975-1976 in order to bring up people who are qualified in specific vocations. It was tied up to Ondokuz Mayıs University in 1982 with the 2547 numbered law and became one of the higher education institutions. Our Vocational School had been continued its function with Educational Facultiy in the same building until the beginning of 1992-1993 academic year and then moved to its own building. Our school, tied up to Amasya University with the 5467 numbered law on 17 March 2006, is continuing its educational and teaching processes as Amasya Technical Sciences Vocational School transported as two separate vocational high schools with the decision of the Higher Education Institution`s taken on 12.07.2012.

Qualification Awarded

 Program graduates are awarded a diploma titled Mechanical Technician

Level Of Qualification

Associate`s Degree - Short Cycle Degree  

Mode Of Study

 Full time

Admission & Registration Requirements

1) To have high school diploma or equivalent

2) To get enough points from Transition to Higher Education Examination(YGS)

Definition of Prior Education

  The process of recognition of prior learning is at the beginning stage in the Turkish Higher Education institutions. Therefore, the University of Amasya recognition of prior training in all the programs is not fully initialized. However, the exemption exam at the beginning of each school year for English courses located in part of the compulsory curriculum is organized. Students who have achieved the learning outcomes of this lesson from this course complements the learning process with their own different way, or has the right to take the exam. Successful students who took the exam are exempt from this course. 

Requirements for Degree

Maker of required and elective courses in the associate degree program students must take to achieve (120 ECTS) are all required to successfully complete and be at least 2.0 overall GPA of 4.00.

Profile Of The Programme

  Machine Program with the companies in the machinery manufacturing sector and to meet the requirements of the relevant public institutions and given the extent to high-quality education, students are intended to be employed in this sector.

Examinations, Assesment And Evaluations

   Each entry into the beginning of the semester and the final exam to enroll classes lectures Some 70% of the least, to be continued to at least 80% of practical classes are required. Students looking exams for every course, are subject to final exam and supplementary exam. Success grade, midterm exams (midterm homework`s, laboratory exams, the scores obtained from measuring tools such as quizzes, etc. can be evaluated) contribution of 40%, while the contribution of final exam is 60%. All exams are evaluated over 100 points. There are at least 50 points required to obtain final exam. A student AA, BA, BB, CB and CC students taking one of the notes are considered successful in that course. Students who fail to take the course again.

Graduation Requirements

To complete the program successfully, all the courses in the program (120 ECTS) to pass, is required to obtain at least 2.0 weighted GPA of 4.00.

Occupational Profiles Of Graduates

  Students who graduate from this program, "Mechanical Technician" title by the machinery manufacturing industry goods / services-producing firms and the relevant public institutions and organizations, managers / engineers and they find opportunity to work as qualified among workers. That the machinery industry and in companies that machine sales service, machining manufacturing, technical offices, design, operation maintenance and repair, service, installation and so on. units have a job opportunity in. to be able to their own maintenance and repair service facilities are also available. also automotive closely related machinery sector, employment in the food and chemical industry be able to. on the other hand natural gas, plumbing, central heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, such as the possibility of finding work in institutions and organizations for areas that require mechanical installation information is available.

Access To Further Studies

Graduate students vertical pass exam (DGS) and the engineering schools and technology faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Production Engineering, naval architecture, Marine Engineering Management Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, is capable of vertical transmission of the section

Contact Information

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