AMASYA UNIVERSITY

                                               Social Sciences Vocational High School

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  Amasya Social Sciences Vocational High School started education in 1975-1976 academic year in the building of Commercial Vocation Lyceum in order to train qualificate human power. In 1982 with the Higher Education Law it attached to 19 Mayıs University.     

  Amasya Social Sciences Vocational High School conitnues educational activities with 7 program and 1390 students. It embodies 23 Instructor and 11 employess. 

Qualification Aawarded
    The students completing 120 ECTS and having 60 percent grade point avarage qualify to get two - year - degree diploma.
Level Of Qualification
  Two - Year - Degree
Mode Of Study
   Full timeliness
Admission & Registration Requirements
  1) Getting Lyceum or equal diploma

 2) Sufficient score at Higher Education Pass Exam

Recognation Of Prior Learning
   At Turkish higher education prior education has just been initial stage.
Qualifications Requirements And Regulations
  Completing 120 ECTS and Having 60 percent grade point avarage, which is necessary for Program. 
Profile Of The Programme
   The students graduating from program qualify local administration career officer and with the exam of KPSS being appointed to the relevant institutions.
Examinations, Assesment And Grading Regulations
    The students have to pass mid-term, end of semestre and make-up examinations. The 40 percent of mid-term exam and 60 percent of end of semestre exams are valued and if the total of two exams    
Graduation Requirements
 Completing 120 ECTS and Having 60 percent grade point avarage, which is necessary for Program.
Occupational Profiles Of Graduates
   School leavers are employed in public, private sectors.
Access To Further Studies
  After getting two-year diploma, With the exam of Vertical Pass Exam students can enter bachelor program. Moreover, without exam students can pass to Open University.  
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