Marketing Program started education in academic year 1991-1992 at Amasya Vocational school at Ondokuz Mayıs university .On 17th March 2006 with the law 5467 the vocational school  became the unit of Amasya university  .By the decision dated 12.07.2012 of YOK (Higher Education Council) the Vocational school was didvided into two schools.Since then our program has been in the Social Sciences Vocational School at Amasya University
Qualification Aawarded
   A total of 120 ECTS credits in the program successfully complete all courses and grade point average of at least 60 out of 100 students with associate`s degree are eligible.
Level Of Qualification
  Associate`s Degree
Mode Of Study
  Full Time
Admission & Registration Requirements
 To have a high school diploma, and transition to Higher Education Examination (YGS) by getting enough points must be placed by SSPC.
Recognation Of Prior Learning
  Antecedent learning process of recognition of the Turkish Higher Education Institutions is the beginning stage. For this reason, all the programs of the University of Amasya recognition of prior education is not fully initialized. However, for English courses compulsory in the curriculum department at the beginning of each school year, exams of exemption are organized. Completion of this course, the learning process on their own or through other means learning outcomes of students who think that this lesson has the right to take this exam. Those who pass the exam will be exempt from the examination subjects entered. Students who read this also read the other universities in the field before they are successful in school, taking courses in the program in terms of content and credits in the curriculum of the courses that have been reviewed and deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors are exempt from courses.
Qualifications Requirements And Regulations
 In order to be able to receive an Associate Degree in Marketing, it is required to successfully complete all the compulsory and elective courses a student should have (a total of 120 ACTS) and to have at least 2.00 GPA (grade point average) over 4.00
Profile Of The Programme
  The aim of Marketing Program is to train individuals who are entrepreneurs, have effective communication skills and the fundamental qualities of marketing business and also who are able to use computer programs related to their field.
Examinations, Assesment And Grading Regulations
     Students midterm and a final exam for each course and the final exam as a result of the failure of the course are subject to make-up exam. Depending on the nature of courses such examinations homework, projects, presentations, and can be applied directly from. All exams are graded out of 100. Passing grade final exam quiz with 40% / 60% of supplementary examination shall be determined by adding to his lair. In this way in order to be successful in a course grade must be over 60. In addition, final exam / make-up exam are required to obtain at least 50 points. Students who fail to take the course again.
Graduation Requirements
 To graduate from the program, a total of 120 ECTS credits in the program successfully complete all courses, internship and grade point average of at least 60 out of 100 are required to have.
Occupational Profiles Of Graduates
   The students who graduate from Marketing Program have the opportunity to work at marketing departments, sales departments, marketing research departments, advertisement departments of the firms in private sector, advertising and public relations agencies, hotel management, customer services of the banks and various firms and other marketing fields
Access To Further Studies
 The graduates who successfully complete their associate training have the opportunity to apply to related undergraduate programs on condition that they acquire a sufficient mark from External Transfer Exam executed by OSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center)
Contact Information
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