Press and Publishing Program, University of Amasya Merzifon Vocational School under the Department of Journalism and Journalism was founded in 2014.
Qualification Aawarded
 The program is available (total of 120 ECTS) successfully completed all the courses and students who obtain a minimum 2.00 GPA on a 4.00 scale Associate diploma.
Level Of Qualification
 Associate`s Degree 
Mode Of Study
 Full time
Admission & Registration Requirements
 Made by OSYM YGS-3 can be registered with the Department of points. In addition, the Department of Vocational High School graduates using the direct pass on our rights, our department can make a record.

Besides the above-mentioned admission and registration requirements, our department students on a transfer from relevant departments of other higher education institutions is considered the beginning of the third semester.

Recognation Of Prior Learning
 The content of the courses taken at another institution, if appropriate to the course content and related vocational schools in Amasya University approved by the director, students may be exempted from these courses.
Qualifications Requirements And Regulations
 Students are required to; All subjects in the curriculum to be passed with a minimum grade point average of 60, have obtained an average of at least 2.00 out of 4.00 and have completed the 60-day mandatory training
Profile Of The Programme
 Our students are visual, auditory and equipped with knowledge in the area of Social Media. In addition, it is essential to be equipped with basic knowledge in students` academic level.

After the two-year associate degree students can complete their training if they wish to Vertical Jump Test 4-year undergraduate program. The law can proceed directly to the Open University students are also available. He graduated both our students are reading and find work.

Examinations, Assesment And Grading Regulations
 Students are subjected to midterm and final exam for each course. Success grade, the contribution of midterm exams 40%, the contribution of the final exam is 60%. All exams are evaluated over 100 points. There are at least 60 points required to obtain final exam. With the proviso that an average of 60 students are considered successful from that course. In case the student has the right to fail exams.
Graduation Requirements
 4 semesters 120 ECTS `t completed at the end and gain at least 2.0 weighted GPA of students eligible to graduate students who achieve 4.00. Besides successfully completing the course, it is essential to make the 60-day vocational training graduation.
Occupational Profiles Of Graduates
 They receive training infrastructure can work with our school to find work in almost every area of the media industry. Common and local press, PR, Internet publishing, television and radio are those sectors where they met with business opportunities Reklamevi of our students.
Access To Further Studies
 Students who graduate from this program, entering the vertical pass exam Photography, Journalism, Visual Communication Design, Graphic Design, Public Relations and Advertising, Communication Studies, Communication Design, Advertising, etc. They can continue their undergraduate education areas. In addition, if they want to open education faculty to take the exam may continue their economics and business administration.
Contact Information
Adresi: Merzifon Meslek Yüksekokulu
Telefonu: +90 358 513 5103
Faks: +90 358 513 5104
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