Department began training in 01.11.1990 
Qualification Aawarded
 Professional staff  
Level Of Qualification
 Short Cycle Degree
Mode Of Study
 Full Time
Admission & Registration Requirements
University Entrance Exam (YGS) with a score of adequate education and training, students are entitled to the Department office management 
Recognation Of Prior Learning
The aim of the department, students can become an expert in the field of office management is to provide the necessary basic conditions.  
Qualifications Requirements And Regulations
 The students are required to have passed a grade of at least 60 through 100, and have achieved a weighted average of 60 days is to be completed compulsory internship
Profile Of The Programme
Effective communication and makes the manager`s office, the correspondence, organizing meetings, office management and perform the efficient use of office technologies, innovation, educating people on the developments.
Examinations, Assesment And Grading Regulations
 Exam Application Project Homework Business Software  
Graduation Requirements
 At the end of the four semesters, the students completing 120 ECTS and getting the grades CGPA at least 60 over 100 have right to graduate. In addition to this, the completing of professional training-consisting of 60 days - is a condition to graduate.
Occupational Profiles Of Graduates
Executive secretaries of the private sector and public institutions, various enterprises and public and private administrations, municipalities, associations, chambers, bar associations, such as are employed in the relevant sections of the institutions. Also, law, medicine, engineering, architectural offices of the executive secretary of basic needs can be best elements.   
Access To Further Studies
 The students graduating from the department are offered opportunity transfer to the undergraduate programs in their fields with The Examination for Vertical Transfer of Two-Year College Graduates (DGS), undergraduate programs in their fields. The Graduates of Associate Degree Programs can apply to the Undergraduate Programs of the Open Education Faculty, they can also apply to the formal education programs for vertical transfer. the candidates wish to make Vertical Transfer to the Undergraduate Programs of the Open Education Faculty, they need to have DGS exam.
Contact Information
Adresi:Merzifon Meslek Yüksekokulu
Departmental Facilities

Classroom, Laboratory