This program was established in 01.11.1990. 
Qualification Awarded  
Students who successfully complete the Department of Marketing & Advertising, associate`s degree with a "Marketing Professional Personnel" is the title.
Level of Qualification:  Short Cycle Degree  
Mode of Study:  Full Time
Admission & Registration Requirements  
University Entrance Exam (YGS) with a score of adequate education and training, students are entitled to the Department of Marketing & Advertising.
Recognition of Prior Learning  
The aim of the department, students can become an expert in the field of marketing is to provide the necessary basic conditions.
Qualification Requirements and Regulations  
The students are required to have passed a grade of at least DC all the courses in a curriculum, at least 2.0 through 4.0, and have achieved a weighted average of 60 days is to be completed compulsory internship.
Profile of the Programme  
The main objective of the department, the public sector and private sector as well as qualified for the marketing and promotion practices dominated fields of study, to analyze market conditions to train qualified personnel.
Examination, Assessment and Grading Regulations  
Section: 1 Midterm and1 Year-end exam. Midterm %40 and the final grade of 60% of end-examination.
Graduation Requirements  
To take all courses required for graduation and be successful in these courses that the program continues with the condition of at least 2.00 cumulative grade point average and a total of 60 working days to complete the internship is completed.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates  
This section of companies who have completed successful salesperson, sales representative, sales manager, customer representative, or they can work as public relations and advertising agencies.
Access to Further Studies  
With DGS Exam, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, or related faculties and departments have the right to transfer. In addition, the AÖF has the right of passage.
Contact Information  
Postal Adress  Vardallı Mahallesi A.Dumanoğlu Bulvarı No:1 61800 Beşikdüzü / Trabzon
Phone          : 3585135103
Fax              : 3585135104
E-Mail          : 
Web Adress
Departmental Facilities : 
The students use the library, information on campus with wireless Internet capability can be achieved quite easily and projection lessons taught in classrooms. In addition, thanks to social services for the campus to take their leisure time opportunities are available in a variety of activities.