Civil Defense and Fire Fighting Proğramı; Amasya University Suluova Vocational High School education in the academic year 2013-2014 within the training began.
Qualification Aawarded
 Graduates and `` civil defense "is gaining the title of `` Fire Technician
Level Of Qualification
 Associate Degree
Mode Of Study
Admission & Registration Requirements
 Civil Defense and vocational schools İtfaiyeclik Program, Chemistry, Electricity, Health, Building and Fire departments without examination of the transition (Mat-Fen) records are held
Recognation Of Prior Learning
 Amasya University students in some courses may be exempt under certain regulations. Relevant college / faculty / institute approved by the board and the duration of the course content referenced in the case of students, the course will be exempted from.
Qualifications Requirements And Regulations
 The program is available (a total of 120 ECTS) to successfully complete all the courses out of 100 to obtain weighted grade point average at least 60.
Profile Of The Programme
 Students of this program, municipalities, airports, industry bodies, beginning in factories or private fire brigade firefighters, technicians and experience will be gained over time, including managers are trained candidates. In addition, fire alarm systems and automatic fire extinguishing system in the basic education about the companies operating in this field because they have the technical elements are candidates. Although some of the newly opened university education at the undergraduate level civil defense department, which can be passed through the vertical transitions exam. The program of the training period of two years.
Examinations, Assesment And Grading Regulations
 Amasya University `s" Examination Regulations "and" Regulation on Measurement and Evaluation "is applied
Graduation Requirements
 Four half of the year having completed a total of 120 ECTS credits, as well as having completed a successful internship
Occupational Profiles Of Graduates
 Municipal fire departments in Emergency Management in the Search and Rescue technicians, Civil Defense Search and Rescue Unit Directorates Search and Rescue Technician, Hotels and Public Institutions Fire Safety element, air and seaports in fire technician, firefighting and fire safety related equipment sales and Materials in manufacturing companies, organized Industrial and Fire Safety of Industrial Organizations element, occupational safety and health technicians can be employed as Worker
Access To Further Studies
 Firefighting and Fire Safety graduates with an associate degree program successfully opened by SSPC if they are successful in Vertical Jump Test, Health Education and Social Services degree program may switch to vertical. Firefighters work in the institution, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Group Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Manager of authority and responsibility may be higher.
Contact Information
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