Department of Biology Master`s Degree Program at the Institute of Science and Technology for the first time during the Spring Semester Academic Year 2012-2013 has started the admission of students.
Qualification Aawarded: 
Upon successful completion of the program in the field of Biological Sciences "Master`s Degree" what will have.
Level Of Qualification:
Master`s Degree
Mode Of Study: 
Admission & Registration Requirements:
Master`s program students wishing to enroll in the university`s academic and legal framework of regulations and to complete the process established by the Higher Education Authority / exams must be managed. Before starting the program, admissions and application requirements Amasya University of Science and Technology Entitüsü academic semester at the internet address are displayed. Domestic or foreign equivalent can apply for a student transfer started in the program. Students begin the adoption period, each student`s requirements and the application is considered uniquely in accordance with their degrees.
Recognation Of Prior Learning :
Having a bachelor`s degree related to the field
Qualifications Requirements And Regulations :

Master`s Degree Programme is composed of at least seven courses, seminars and a thesis.

Profile Of The Programme:
Capable of any specific matter related to biology literature, experimental studies in the laboratory, to plan and implement, and evaluate experimental results of scientific research and development organizations can offer to work in a report aims to train specialists Biological science.
Examinations, Assesment And Grading Regulations: 
See the Course Description Form for the course.
Graduation Requirements:
60 ECTS credits in order to be able to have a Master`s Degree from the graduate courses must be taken and successfully completed these courses. Following the completion stage of course a matter to be determined under the supervision of faculty member thesis advisor should prepare. In addition, the student`s thesis is accepted, the successful operation of a jury is required to give an oral assigned.
Occupational Profiles Of Graduates: 
Master`s Degree in the field and laboratory-based diplamasına individuals with jobs work in many different industries. At the same time, those who want to maintain their academic, research groups at universities and research institutes participate.
Access To Further Studies:
Students who complete the program successfully in the field of Biological sciences or other fields that accept students from this area may apply to a doctoral degree.
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