Sciences İnstitute/Science Education Doctoral Program of Elementary Education Department has been giving education since 2012-2013 academic year. With its outstanding faculty members, our program aims helping its students, who wants to be academic researchers, or develop themselves to gain a scientific understanding, occupational knowledge, skills, and qualifications.
Qualification Aawarded
Doctor of Philosophy in Primary School Teaching
Level Of Qualification
 Doctor of Philosophy in Primary School Teaching
Mode Of Study
Full time
Admission & Registration Requirements
The Program requires: 
1- A masters degree in Elementary Education
2- Graduate Education Exam (ALES) score of least 55 
3- Foreing Language Exam (YDS and equevalent exams) score of least 55 may apply to Ph.D. program.
Recognation Of Prior Learning
 Acting in accordance with the Amasya  University Graduate Education and Examination Regulations, scientific preparation programme can be implemented for accepted students who have BS/MS degree from different science fields 
Qualifications Requirements And Regulations
To be able to secure the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in the field of Science Education, the students are required to; (a) have passed a total of 24 credits (60 ETCS) courses in the curiculum with a grade of at leastBB, (b) have achieved a cumulative gross point average of at least 2.00 out of 4.00, (c) prepared a Doctor of Philosophy Degree thesis, submitted and successfully defended with a passing grade.
Profile Of The Programme
The aim of the Department of Elementary Education is to raise expert individuals having necessary information, skill, attitude and experience to educate and have high level of original researches and having critical thinking, high self esteem, and capable of following scientific research methods and innovations in his/her field on a national and international scale.
1.To raise well educated and equipped teachers and instructors in both national and international level.
2.To become an active department in national and international level with strong academic staff, completed physical substructure.
3.To establish an educational environment updating professional information according to the needs of day.
4.To provide an increase in scientific and social activities that instructors and students can work in cooperation .
5.To establish an educational environment dominated by discussion, questioning and sharing and provide its continuity.
6.To be in compliance with the development of national and international literature of the subjects instructed in Masters Degree level. 
Examinations, Assesment And Grading Regulations
The examination, assessment and grading regulations have been set up for the university by the University Senate and the Department of Elementary Education is bound by these regulations. Each course is assessed via a midterm exam, a second mid-term exam composed of quizzes, homeworks and assignments, and a final end-of-term exam,  The marking is made out of 100. The details given for each course in the programme include the detailed assessment methods together with a description of the second mid-term exam.
Graduation Requirements
 Successful completion of a course work of must and elective theory, seminar, area specialty and dissertation, with a GPA of 75 over 100 (at least 24 credits), and passing the PhD proficiency exam and proposing and successfully defending a dissertation in front of a jury. Look at the Amasya University Graduate Education and Examination Regulations. 
Occupational Profiles Of Graduates
Graduates of the program are employed as expert teachers, head teachers or advisors in public or private schools or institutions.
Access To Further Studies
Contact Information
Address :Amasya University, Faculty of education, Department of Primary Science Education, AMASYA
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